torstai 19. lokakuuta 2017

How to install Ubuntu 17.10 on a 32-bit PC

Ubuntu Linux 17.10 is newly released. The big news is there is no 32-bit ISO available anymore. However Ubuntu Linux can still be installed on a PC with support for 32-bit architecture. Here is how you do it.

Alternative A

First off, download Ubuntu Linux 17.10 32-bit server version here:
Next, flash ISO onto your USB stick. I chose command line as root on Linux: dd if=ubuntu-17.10-server-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb

Now install Ubuntu Linux. Do not choose any of the server software during the installation since we have Desktop on the way!

Once the installation is ready type in the following command: sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop.

Have some coffee or tea. It takes some time to download and setup all software needed for the Desktop. In addition hope for the best. I had to shutdown my old Acer Aspire One to make Ubuntu finalize the installation. After that Gnome 3 Desktop showed up. Both Wayland and Xorg work.

One can choose between Wayland and Xorg

Alternative B

If the server install above is not working you can download 54 MB mini.iso here: Flash ISO onto a USB stick. Next, boot from USB and install. Bear in mind mini.iso includes only the essential files needed for booting and getting started with the install operation. The rest is downloaded. So you need an Internet access with a lot of bandwidth. Once again, hope for the best. Once netinstall is done, type in the same command as in alternative a: sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop.

How was my Acer Aspire One? It didn't like the latter. I guess there is a bigger chance for error when almost every file has to be downloaded, extracted and installed right away. Or it has to do with my hardware. My rusty old mini laptop is only 10 years old.