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Windows 10 Preview with Office touch apps on Acer Iconia W510

Time flies! Operating systems come and go! My Acer Iconia W510 (originally purchased in autumn 2012) deserved something better than Windows 8/8.1. I decided to give Windows 10 Preview and Office touch apps a go on Acer. And it paid off! I'm stunned! Touchable Word, Excel and PowerPoint are my favourites!

Setup was not that easy. There were some issues. First off, Acer didn't want to boot from USB stick. F12 didn't do anything. After some web browsing I found instructions how to enter BIOS (Power + Vol Down!) to change boot order and disable Secure Boot: .

Next USB stick with bootable Windows 10 Preview was needed. Rufus did the trick. Make sure you choose UEFI (and UEFI only!). It worked for me. When I kept F12 down Windows 10 Preview install began.

Windows 10 Preview (9926) install period was the easiest part of the setup of my Acer. When partitioning I left Windows 8 recovery partition and wiped out the rest. After install nothing worked; no keyboard, mouse, touch screen or wifi. I needed more coffee!

I attached an external keyboard and a mouse via USB 1.1 hub. That helped a lot. Now what? No wifi! No touch screen! Windows 8.1 drivers work on Windows 10 Preview. Download them from here: . Suddenly wifi and touch screen were there!

Finally I entered Store beta inside Windows 10 Preview and looked for Word, Excel and PowerPoint touch apps. They were all there available for download for free! In no time I had touchable Office in my hand! Bear in mind Office apps only work on the latest version of Windows 10 preview (9926).

Since my Acer is a hybrid I can use it with or without keyboard. I also have microHDMI-VGA -adaptor so that Acer can be attached to any external source.

Happy now? I think this is the best that has ever happened to my Acer. Windows 8/8.1 was nice but from now on in my opinion the original idea of using Acer either as a laptop or tablet comes reality. Office touch apps are in key-role offering the chance to edit files also in tablet mode with fingers. I'm definitely going to upgrade to Windows 10 final version when it later arrives!

W510 with Windows 8 back in 2012

W510 with Windows 8 and undocked

Windows 10 Preview (9926) install beginning

W510 works as a tablet as well

See Word touch app on W510

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  1. I am trying to install RTM of Windows 10 to my W510 and it won't let me install because graphics driver is not supported. I updated latest driver for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator and that wont make a difference... Is there a way to install Windows 10 to Acer w510?

  2. My Windows 10 on Acer is the Insider version. Device Manager says Intel graphics accelerator is there. Sorry to hear you have problems. Try to install Windows 10. Then find equal Windows 8 graphic driver. I heard it might work that way.

  3. I was able to upgrade my w510 to win10 after i switched the graphic driver off from the device manager list. After you switch it off the win8.1 still works the same, only much slower. After upgrade, run the windows update program and install the updates, then reboot. Worked for me.

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  5. Hi Sakarin. Me with a friend we tried this but we're stuck at boot windows install on USB stick 32Go transcend, the tablette doesn't recognize the USB stick (OTG or keyboard USB out). My friends tried with Rufus, UEfI...etc
    Can you help us ?

  6. First of all make sure the USB stick you made boots on another PC with "old school" BIOS. That way you can be sure your USB stick in working. Next, concentrate on UEFI BIOS. Make sure Security Boot is off. Follow these instructions: I hope you get your Acer up and running and wish you best of luck with your attemps.