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Raspberry Pi 2 is a PC with an ARMv7 processor - support for Windows 10 as well

Raspberry Pi has, until now, been a hobby platform. Using it as a daily computer hasn't paid off. For example web browsing has made many people go mad because of lack of sufficient RAM memory and processing power.

Today Raspberry Pi 2 was unveiled. Technical specifications look pretty decent. Raspi 2 has 900 MHz quad-core ARMv7 processor and 1 GB RAM memory. Alone those two mentioned really makes my day! From now on it's possible to use Raspberry Pi as a PC.

ARMv7 -processor means Raspi 2 is even able to run Windows 10. Is it really Windows RT? It is? Now that's what I call, eh, odd! Raspberry Pi has negotiated with M$. As a result we really are going to see Raspi 2 as one of Microsoft's IoT platforms. Meantime Surface 2's won't get Windows 10. In addition Windows 10 will be free for Raspi 2!

All this costs the same as before; 35 $ (before taxes?). No matter how much that is in Finland I'm going to buy one over here or in Germany where me and my family are heading later this month.

What is going to happen to my two b-model Raspis; one with 256 MB RAM and the other one with 512 MB? I'm certainly not abandoning those treasures. Especially the one with only 256 MB RAM will stay my real pet! If it can then anybody else can!

I have seen adds telling there are many powerful tiny computers out there. Odroid C1 is one of them. So Raspi 2 has competitors which might take over any minute. That's why we saw the new Raspi 2 today!

My Raspberry Pi model b with 256 MB RAM

Meet Raspi 2 here!

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