lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

How to install kernel 3.19 on Ubuntu 15.04 beta 1

Its' not hard at all. First off, download and install Ubuntu 15.04 beta 1 (link to daily build is here). Next follow instructions found at Finally boot your PC or Virtual Machine.

Why is kernel 3.19 so important? I've heard there is support for touch screen(s) in the kernel. It would be very interesting to make my laptop and tablet, both with Windows inside at the moment, run Ubuntu. Of course I have touch screen especially in mind.

However first I had to test if Ubuntu 15.04 beta 1 with kernel 3.19 worked at all. That's why you can see Ubuntu 15.04 beta 1 running on VirtualBox below. So, one down. Now some rest and thinking. Maybe tomorrow a tablet with Ubuntu inside and touch screen working?

Kernel 3.19 on Ubuntu 15.04 beta 1

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