lauantai 21. helmikuuta 2015

Microsoft won't support x86-based tablets forever - Linux will!

Look at the picture below. There you can see a tablet from Acer (W4-820) with Windows 8.1 installed. What is going to happen when Microsoft releases Windows 10 later this year (2015)? Acer tablet will receive a major update and the owner can enjoy Windows 10 until 2025? Maybe. However there are many if's.

What if this particular Acer is not able to run Windows 10? Or if the owner doesn't like Windows 10 and wants to continue using Windows 8.1? What if proprietary software is out of question for some reason? Are there any alternatives?

Linux and Intel x86 processors belong together as much as Microsoft and Intel do. Remember, Linus Torvalds began the whole Linux industry with one tiny PC with intel 386-processor inside. Read his announcement he made long time ago.

IMHO Linux will give x86 -based tablets extra boost. How come? Because you are not tied with one OS (for example Windows 8.1). After support period tablet is not safe and might even be useless if you are using Microsoft's OS. Linux can help keeping those devices alive longer than when using proprietary software (that is Windows). Of course drivers are always there making our life a drag. However there is almost every time some kind of solution available.

To show you I'm serious Acer W4-820 is first going to receive Windows 10 Preview and after that either Ubuntu or Debian. I've already done some preparations. Thumbs up!

Edit: Yikes! It seems dual-booting Acer tablet and making touch screen work on Ubuntu is beyond my skills at the moment. I'd rather wait for Linux kernel 3.1.19 which adds support for touch screens.

Acer W4-820 on my table waiting for
Windows 10 and after that Ubuntu/Debian.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Looking forward to hearing how this goes! :)

  2. Some extra dark coffee needed before and during the installation ;D.

  3. I have the same tablet; it got Win10 upgrade, everything seems to work seamlessly.
    But I would like to get this tablet dirty with linux flavor. Did you get any progress on it? :)

  4. I have Acer tablet on the table waiting for Arnold the Bat's Chromium OS. Also Ubuntu Linux in mind.