tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 purchased - waiting for Windows Phone 10 Preview

First off:

Raspberry Pi 2 is on the way. That's for sure now! I got an email message from local electronic store Partco (Helsinki, Finland) saying Raspi 2 is waiting for me! Yippee! I'll pick my Raspi 2 tomorrow.

In addition:

Microsoft might publish Windows Phone 10 Preview on Feb 4th 2015. We'll see. I have Nokia Lumia 720 with Windows Insider app waiting for a bigger update. Hey, maybe Cortana knows when WP 10 Preview arrives ;D?

A lot happening

So hurry up! A lot is happening! IoT is growing and getting bigger and bigger. Microsoft is offering preview versions of their operating systems for both Desktop and Mobile.

Cortana doesn't know if WP 10 Preview is coming or not :( . See pictures below.

Cortana, please let me know what's up!


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