torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

Windows Insiders - puppets on a string

According to Microsoft Windows Insiders are allowed to continue testing of Windows 10 Preview as long as they like. After the RTM-version of Windows 10 is published Preview is no longer there. However Insiders will take part in continuous testing of Windows 10. In a way there will always be a preview version available.

I feel like I'm a puppet on a string. Microsoft gets all the information and in turn my PC is running an OS with a lot of bugs. In addition the next Windows (after Windows 10) will be charged monthtly like Office 365. Insiders are the ones that Microsoft needs to get through their testing cycles what comes to the future versions of Windows. I feel bad. I don't want to pay for Windows every month and don't want to test that sort of software.

My prediction is there will be less Windows users in the future than there is now. People have less money to spend and they don't want pay for Windows every month. Selling operating systems WAS a good business for a while, not anymore.

torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2015

How to run Android on Geeksphone Peak

Geeksphone Peak's original idea was to run Firefox OS. It seems Geeksphone is not supporting Peak anymore. I'm not 100% sure about that though.

So I decided to install Android on Geeksphone Peak. Many people have done it before and now was my turn.
  • I had my Ubuntu-based PC ready-made for flashing. This means tools like adb and fastboot were already installed before I started.
  • The phone needed to be in Debugging Mode.
  • In order to get to recovery mode one has to keep down VolUp, VolDown and On/Off buttons at the same time. 
  • The files needed are found here.
  • Once files were unzipped, Terminal app with superuser privileges were needed.
  • The commands which flash Android on Geeksphone Peak:
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
    • fasboot flash system system.img
    • fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
    • fasboot reboot
After booting Android 4.0.4 started. My Peak feels much faster than with Firefox OS inside. Sorry to say but both Firefox OS and Android on Geeksphone Peak are dead ends. I am not able to update neither OS. I guess there is a problem with the hardware which is not modern enough. However, I'm glad there are two (older) operating systems to choose from (Firefox OS 2.2 and Android 4.0.4).

GP Peak and Android 4.0.4 

torstai 11. kesäkuuta 2015

Summertime - and the Internet-living is easy?

Many people in Finland will soon leave for their summer cottages. 4 weeks vacation is about to start. Ok, you might not expect to find an indoors lavatory or running water when entering the countryside. However one thing must work the same way as at home. What's that? Sauna? No doubt! I have *the Internet* in mind.

So how to get commected? One has to decide how to receive and send information over 3G/4G -networks AND how to share connection with other family while staying in the countryside. Let's see the options:
  • Share your mobile phone connection (most phones support this)
    • Not very handy as your mobile phone phone is not sitting on the table all the time
    • batteries will soon get empty
  • Share 3G/4G -modem with others
    • Not very handy either. I find it difficult to share my connection in Windows. Besides an extra SIM-card is needed.
    • A bit old-fashioned
  • Buy a modem with proper antennas
    • Better but not perfect. Electricity is still needed.
This goes to show how dependent we are on Internet connection. My conclusion is: try to re-event your family. Especially in Finland where summers are light and winters dark it's time to enjoy outdoors sports etc. There is enough time to use Internet during the winter.

lauantai 6. kesäkuuta 2015

Will iOS 9 support iPhone 4S and iPad Mini (1st gen)?

On June 8th at 10 am PDT Apple will keep it's annual summerly keynote. iPhone-, iPad- or MacBook-owners: you can see it live here. In case you are using a PC, try one of those live blogs. If you miss the event you still can read for example Google news to keep yourself updated.

My concern is iOS9. Will it become available for my iPhone 4S and iPad Mini (1st gen)? In case it does is it a stripped down version of iOS for older devices? In addition my daughter has an iPad 2. Will it be completely left out? So stay tuned for more information!

iPad 2

Windows 10 reservation update (KB3035583) not there? Try this!

Microsoft claims Windows 10 is worth reserving beforehand. That way - according to Microsoft - you can avoid "traffic jams" when Windows 10 becomes available. Hmm, if they let Windows 10 loose on July 29th how can one get the image beforehand? I don't get it. Will Microsoft send an encrypted 3 GB update to my Windows 8.1 tablet? That remains to see...

Ok, I want to give Windows 10 a go. My Windows 7 already received a reservation update but my Windows 8.1 tablet didn't. You can manually install the update and force your Windows 8.1 to show you the reservation. Follow these steps:

1. Uninstall any existing KB3035583 and restart PC

2. Download kb3035583 cab file



3. Copy cab file to C:\temp

4. Open command prompt with administrator rights

5. Copy and paste the following commands in command prompt


DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\temp\


DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\temp\

6. After the cab file installed the Windows 10 icon will pop up on taskbar. If not restart your PC and hope for the best!

Click the Windows-icon and make a reservation of Windows 10

LibreOffice with Writer2ePub -extension let's you create EPUBs of your own

LibreOffice is able to create e-books (EPUB)

Do you need to save your document in EPUB -file type? No problem. All you need is LibreOffice and an extension called Writer2ePub.

Setting up Writer2ePub -extension
  • Make sure you have LibreOffice installed
  • Download the extension writer2epub.oxt and place it on Desktop
  • Open LibreOffice Writer -> Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add
  • Find writer2epub.oxt and double click extension
  • Accept license
Close LibreOffice Writer and open it again. Take a look at upper left corner where there are three new buttons.

Creation of an EPUB -file

Let's create an EPUB -file. Write something or paste some text from for example Wikipedia to LibreOffice Writer. Save your document as LibreOffice default file type .odt. After saving click the EPUB-button to the left . There are many fields to be filled and many options to choose from. You can leave fields empty when testing Writer2ePub. Finally click Ok. You'll get a window telling export is done.

How to open EPUB in a reader app

You can open your newly created EPUB-file in Windows and Mac with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) which is a free app for DRM-secured (and all sort of) EPUBs. If you are using Linux there are many apps to choose from. Find an app that suits your needs. If you have mobile phone and/or tablet - why not give a go?! In those cases try BlueFire Reader (iOS and Android).

Extension manager takes care of Writer2ePub -extension

Click Add and find your extension

Three new buttons, use the one on 
the left to create an EPUB -file

Type in some information concerning your book

Export is done!

FBReader is not the best reader - there
are many readers available for Linux

tiistai 2. kesäkuuta 2015

Made up my mind - Windows 10 arriving on top of my Windows 7 free of charge later this summer

I have a seat in the front row! Windows 10 is arriving July 29th. And guess what? I will update my Windows 7 as soon as Microsoft starts to deliver the image of Windows 10. I already made a reservation!

You see, I have to experience all this. Then it's possible to tell what happened and how it went. Hmm, Windows 10 on top of Windows 7? Will that work and if it will how fast and reliably? We'll see!

Below you can see the steps (in Finnish) I took only a while ago. My copy of Windows 10 will arrive in the end of July... well, hope it will! Please Microsoft, don't screw it up this time!

Microsoft added a new icon in Windows 7 which tells you how to get Windows 10

Windows 10 will officially arrive in the end of July 2015. Before that you can book your copy of Microsoft's new operating system if you want.

Take a look at the lower right corner of your Windows 7. There it is. A Windows icon which takes you to a window telling you can receive a free of charge update of Windows 10. You can start booking Windows 10 right away. In addition Microsoft is saying you already know how to use Windows 10. This is something never happened with Windows 8.

Microsoft's booking app reveals Windows 10 will be installed on top of my existing Windows 7. Now how wise is that? Up until now I've always setup my Windows on an empty hard disk.

An icon tells Windows 10 is waiting...

In Finnish...

It's telling you already know how to use Windows 10