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LibreOffice with Writer2ePub -extension let's you create EPUBs of your own

LibreOffice is able to create e-books (EPUB)

Do you need to save your document in EPUB -file type? No problem. All you need is LibreOffice and an extension called Writer2ePub.

Setting up Writer2ePub -extension
  • Make sure you have LibreOffice installed
  • Download the extension writer2epub.oxt and place it on Desktop
  • Open LibreOffice Writer -> Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add
  • Find writer2epub.oxt and double click extension
  • Accept license
Close LibreOffice Writer and open it again. Take a look at upper left corner where there are three new buttons.

Creation of an EPUB -file

Let's create an EPUB -file. Write something or paste some text from for example Wikipedia to LibreOffice Writer. Save your document as LibreOffice default file type .odt. After saving click the EPUB-button to the left . There are many fields to be filled and many options to choose from. You can leave fields empty when testing Writer2ePub. Finally click Ok. You'll get a window telling export is done.

How to open EPUB in a reader app

You can open your newly created EPUB-file in Windows and Mac with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) which is a free app for DRM-secured (and all sort of) EPUBs. If you are using Linux there are many apps to choose from. Find an app that suits your needs. If you have mobile phone and/or tablet - why not give a go?! In those cases try BlueFire Reader (iOS and Android).

Extension manager takes care of Writer2ePub -extension

Click Add and find your extension

Three new buttons, use the one on 
the left to create an EPUB -file

Type in some information concerning your book

Export is done!

FBReader is not the best reader - there
are many readers available for Linux

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