tiistai 2. kesäkuuta 2015

Made up my mind - Windows 10 arriving on top of my Windows 7 free of charge later this summer

I have a seat in the front row! Windows 10 is arriving July 29th. And guess what? I will update my Windows 7 as soon as Microsoft starts to deliver the image of Windows 10. I already made a reservation!

You see, I have to experience all this. Then it's possible to tell what happened and how it went. Hmm, Windows 10 on top of Windows 7? Will that work and if it will how fast and reliably? We'll see!

Below you can see the steps (in Finnish) I took only a while ago. My copy of Windows 10 will arrive in the end of July... well, hope it will! Please Microsoft, don't screw it up this time!

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