torstai 11. kesäkuuta 2015

Summertime - and the Internet-living is easy?

Many people in Finland will soon leave for their summer cottages. 4 weeks vacation is about to start. Ok, you might not expect to find an indoors lavatory or running water when entering the countryside. However one thing must work the same way as at home. What's that? Sauna? No doubt! I have *the Internet* in mind.

So how to get commected? One has to decide how to receive and send information over 3G/4G -networks AND how to share connection with other family while staying in the countryside. Let's see the options:
  • Share your mobile phone connection (most phones support this)
    • Not very handy as your mobile phone phone is not sitting on the table all the time
    • batteries will soon get empty
  • Share 3G/4G -modem with others
    • Not very handy either. I find it difficult to share my connection in Windows. Besides an extra SIM-card is needed.
    • A bit old-fashioned
  • Buy a modem with proper antennas
    • Better but not perfect. Electricity is still needed.
This goes to show how dependent we are on Internet connection. My conclusion is: try to re-event your family. Especially in Finland where summers are light and winters dark it's time to enjoy outdoors sports etc. There is enough time to use Internet during the winter.

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