keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

Other people's blogs really are invaluable - got my CuBox Pro up and running!

It has happened so many times other people have saved me and my time! Let me tell what happened this afternoon.
I had received two old CuBoxes (first introduced 2011). There were several ready-made images available on the Internet. I downloaded some of them and burned them on SD cards. None of them worked. Were both CuBoxes broken?
Off I went and found Michael's web page at: . Suddenly, all my problems went away. Solved! By others! Certainly not by me!
Michael had written how to get CuBox up and running! In addition there was an image available at his site! Perfect! I had downloaded wrong images which were meant for another model of CuBox. The manufacturers web site was not that informative anymore. I guess that's because of the old model of CuBox I had.
This goes to show not all contents of the net is crap. Without the instructions from Michael... I'd really had been, eh, pissed off!

XFCE4 Desktop on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
4 years uptime ahead with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS!

CuBoxes and 1 euro coin side by side

maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

Nokia will start phone business the first of January 2016

Microsoft purchased Nokia Lumia phones some time ago. Thank God Nokia got rid of those not-so-well-working Lumias. The deal between Microsoft and Nokia is coming to end. Nokia is allowed to start phone business of their own again January 1st 2016. It's time for Nokia look forward and take their share of the global phone business.

It won't ever be the same as it used to be. No phone factories in Finland, no new jobs. Nokia will be manufacturing their new phones in far east i.e. China, South Korea. That is disappointing. However, there are others making it big for example in Europe. Take a look at Raspberry Pi. Those tiny well-selling computers are made in Wales (I guess?). Raspies are inexpensive and popular. They are selling very well. This goes to show it's possible to succeed even though manufacturing is European. Adafruit Industries is another example. An enterprise situated in Manhattan, New York, USA is selling electronics which the experts said was not possible because of the Chinese domination.

Nokia will probably choose Android as their platform for mobile phones. Android is free (of charge), widely supported and very popular around the world. But will Nokia succeed with their new phones? There are, as we all know, so many other brands out there. I guess Nokia will face some hard times when trying to access the global phone market again. It won't be easy. My hint is: Nokia, why not introduce 360 camera embedded in your Android phone? That way you'll beat others in no time.

sunnuntai 27. joulukuuta 2015

KingRoot lets you root Nexus 4 (and many other phones) in no time

There are situations when you need to root* your phone in order to install for example MultiROM Manager etc. These are the steps I took with my Nexus 4:
  • In Settings/About tap Build Number seven times to enable Developer mode.
  • Allow Debugging in Developer settings.
  • Allow External Sources in Security settings.
  • Download KingRoot root tool apk-package from .
  • Install KingRoot apk, fire up KingRoot, follow on-screen instructions to root your phone.
  • Your phone is rooted!
*rooting according to Wikipedia:


perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015

Microsoft opens an app store called "Microsoft Apps" inside Google Play store

Microsoft has opened an app store called "Microsoft Apps" inside Google Play store. This way - Microsoft seems to think - it's easier for Android users to find apps made for Android by Microsoft. All apps are in one place, not here and there in Play store.

Android users might not be that interested in Microsoft apps since there are many alternative apps to choose from. However derived Android ROMs with no access to Play store would benefit from Microsoft apps if that option was available. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will launch a store outside Google Play store.

keskiviikko 16. joulukuuta 2015

How to test OwnCloud in your wifi network

Want to test cloud of your own in your wifi network? It's easier than ever! Take the following steps:

  • Download Collabora CODE OwnCloud which is unsupported, Development version of Collabora CloudSuite‘s commercial on-line component:
  • Unzip the ready made VirtualBox image (VMware might work as well? Not sure though)
  • Start Virtualbox and import vmdk-file
  • Make sure you choose Bridged Adapter in VirtualBox to make OwnCloud visible in your wifi network
  • Run the imported vmdk in Virtualbox
    • Login: root Password: skew25.kiwis
  • When logging in, the address of your OwnCloud server is echoed on screen - Try the address in your mobile/web browser!
    • Mine is
  • OwnCloud asks you to login
    • Login: admin, Password: admin
Choose Bridged Adapter

Browse files with your phone

tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2015

Raspberry Pi Zero likes OTG USB and miniHDMI to HDMI cables

A new raspberry Pi is out! The latest Raspi is tiny yet powerful enough to run Desktop Linux (= Raspbian). 1 GHz ARM processor and 512 MB RAM memory for only 5 American dollars!

If you happen to own an older Raspi then you know which cables are needed. Zero has different interfaces so you'd better start to dig your shelves! Those old ones won't fit! Find at least these two cables:

  1. If you are going to connect Zero with a monitor you need a miniHDMI to HDMI cable. They are not expensive. You can find them easily on the Internet. However Nokia once used miniHDMI to HDMI in their smart phone era (hoping Nokia will strike back soon!). Visit your local flea market!
  2. OTG (On The Go) USB cable (microUSB to female USB-A) let's you to use USB hub. I'd suggest USB 2.0 hub with own power (to keep Zero alive!). OTGs are also very common and found everywhere. You might even have one at home? I got one when I bought Windows laptop which also works as a tablet.
Networking is not an issue. If you own a wifi dongle which works in an older Raspi then off you go and attach dongle to your USB hub.

Sorry, still no photo as I don't own a Raspberry Pi Zero just yet!