keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

Other people's blogs really are invaluable - got my CuBox Pro up and running!

It has happened so many times other people have saved me and my time! Let me tell what happened this afternoon.
I had received two old CuBoxes (first introduced 2011). There were several ready-made images available on the Internet. I downloaded some of them and burned them on SD cards. None of them worked. Were both CuBoxes broken?
Off I went and found Michael's web page at: . Suddenly, all my problems went away. Solved! By others! Certainly not by me!
Michael had written how to get CuBox up and running! In addition there was an image available at his site! Perfect! I had downloaded wrong images which were meant for another model of CuBox. The manufacturers web site was not that informative anymore. I guess that's because of the old model of CuBox I had.
This goes to show not all contents of the net is crap. Without the instructions from Michael... I'd really had been, eh, pissed off!

XFCE4 Desktop on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
4 years uptime ahead with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS!

CuBoxes and 1 euro coin side by side

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  1. Are you planning on doing a review or atleast and overview of the CuBoxes? How are you planning on utilizing them?

  2. CuBox Pros are too old (2011) to be reviewed. You sure can find the specs on the net. I bought my CuBoxes 10 € each. Headless server in mind (LAMP). Maintain via ssh.