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How to test OwnCloud in your wifi network

Want to test cloud of your own in your wifi network? It's easier than ever! Take the following steps:

  • Download Collabora CODE OwnCloud which is unsupported, Development version of Collabora CloudSuite‘s commercial on-line component:
  • Unzip the ready made VirtualBox image (VMware might work as well? Not sure though)
  • Start Virtualbox and import vmdk-file
  • Make sure you choose Bridged Adapter in VirtualBox to make OwnCloud visible in your wifi network
  • Run the imported vmdk in Virtualbox
    • Login: root Password: skew25.kiwis
  • When logging in, the address of your OwnCloud server is echoed on screen - Try the address in your mobile/web browser!
    • Mine is
  • OwnCloud asks you to login
    • Login: admin, Password: admin
Choose Bridged Adapter

Browse files with your phone

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