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How to install LineageOS (the successor of CyanogenMod) on OnePlusOne

Since CyanogenMod is not out there anymore I decided to move on to LineageOS - the successor of CyanogenMod. So now my OnePlusOne (aka OPO) is running the latest nightly version of LineageOS. If you ever flashed your phone chances are you'll be using a re-branded OS in no time. However keep in mind you do all modifications AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Flash the latest TWRP
  • Download the latest TWRP for OnePlus One
  • Attach your phone to your Linux computer
  • Shut down your OPO
  • Hold down Power + VolumeUp
    • Now you are in Fastboot Mode
  • As root type in the following commands:
    • fastboot devices
      • Check if your device is attached and ready
    • fastboot oem unlock
      • Unlock your device
    • fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x-x-bacon.img
      • This flashes TWRP on your OPO
Flash LineageOS 14.1 and Gapps
  • In your Linux computer:
  • In your OPO:
    • Hold down Power + VolumeDown to enter TWRP
      • As soon as OnePlus One log appears release fingers
      • Swipe to allow modifications
    • Choose Swipe and after that Swipe to Factory Reset
    • Go back
    • Choose Advanced
    • Choose ADB Sideload
      • Check Wipe Dalvik Cache
      • Check Wipe Cache
      • Swipe to Start Sideload
  • In your Linux computer:
    • Type in the following commands as root:
      • adb sideload 
      • Wait until flashed
      • In OPO: Choose ADB Sideload again
      • In linux: adb sideload
      • Thumbs up, wait and reboot
So, happy ending! One more thing: OnePlusOne supports MultiROM which I've been using before. It seems the latest nightly version of LineageOS doesn't like MultiROM just yet! Or I don't know how make them co-operate ;D.

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