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Setup Windows 10 Preview on Acer Iconia W4 tablet

If you are well prepared it's pretty easy to install Windows 10 Preview on Acer Iconia W4 tablet. Read my earlier blog post and get yourself ready.

x86-based Windows-tablets are not that different from PC's. My Acer Iconia W510 already has Windows 10 inside. Please read my blogpost how to avoid mistakes which might occur during setup when installing Windows 10 Preview on PC.

These are the steps that were taken to get Windows 10 Preview run on Acer Iconia W4:
  • Windows 10
    • Get ISO by joining Microsoft Insider Program
    • Anyone can join
  • Bootable USB stick
    • Use Rufus (works on Windows)
    • Write with UEFI only option!
  • OTG cable
    • Find OTG (On The Go) cable (USB-microUSB)
  • Keyboad and mouse
    • Find USB hub and attach keyboard, mouse and USB stick
  • BIOS
    • To enter BIOS keep down ON/OFF and VolDown
    • Make sure secure boot is off and booting from USB stick is allowed (read my earlier blogposts, see links above)
  • Windows 10 Preview setup
    • Don't wipe out Windows 8.1 recovery partition - you might want to go back to get final version of Windows 10 for free
  • Drivers
    • Touch screen won't work after Windows 10 setup but keyboard and mouse do
    • Find Windows 8.1 drivers for Acer Iconia W4
    • Setting up drivers is the same as before with earlier versions of Windows
Setup is starting

Almost there!

Windows 10 drivers don't work that good just yet!

With Windows 8.1 drivers - perfect!

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