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Paying with Bitcoin in K-market Mansku (Helsinki, Finland)

Hey Lidl, beat this!

In Helsinki, Finland there are not too many stores which accept Bitcoin. However, according to bitcoin map service from Bittiraha.fi three groceries (K-market Mansku, K-market Pietari and K-market Jätkäsaari) all handle Bitcoin. This was something I wanted to try!

Getting ready

Off I went and reactivated my bitcoin wallet which has been lying on the Internet for ages with no use at all. Ok, password was not forgotten. What a good start!

My bitcoin wallet

After re-opening my wallet I realized there was hardly any money left. There are many places in Helsinki where you can exchange euros to bitcoins. One of them is in Levykauppa äx. It's a record store in Asematunneli near railway station and subway. I've been there once and exchanged 5 euros to bitcoins. There are instructions available and the stuff of the store helps if needed. Just make sure you have some euros and bitcoin wallet with you and you remember the password of your wallet.

Levykauppa äx (Record store X), Asematunneli, Helsinki

Exchanging euros to bitcoins
in Levykauppa äx

Paying in K-market Mansku with bitcoin

I was ready to enter the grocery K-market Mansku. Since I wanted to give the cashier and myself some time to figure out how to pay with Bitcoin I chose the early morning hours with less people in the store. 

K-market Mansku is not that far away from my home

Paying with Bitcoin was easy. Cashier had a tablet with a QR-code. All I needed to do was to scan the code using my wallet and tap Send. Watch the video below. It explains (in Finnish) what happened during the transaction.

Paying with Bitcoin really is easy!

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