lauantai 26. syyskuuta 2015

Sitecom WL-113 wifi dongle from year 2004 still going strong

Local flea market always has something interesting to offer. This time I picked up an old wifi dongle from Sitecom.

The crucial thing is which chip dongle is using. Sitecom has Zydas's chip inside. Good! For example Debian and Ubuntu support is there. See this: How do you find out if dongle is recognized on Linux? Open your favourite terminal app on Linux and type "dmesg" (without quotation marks).

Next I need to test Sitecom wifi dongle on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2. I'm pretty sure Raspi 2 is able to handle Sitecom dongle. Raspi 1 is a question mark. Will there be enough power for the dongle in Raspi itself or do I need to attach a USB 2 hub with external power?

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