lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2015

Downgrading Nexus 7 Wifi (2012) tablet from Android 5.x to 4.4

Downgrading Nexus tablet from Android 5.x to 4.4 couldn't be easier.
  • Download pre-made image from Google;
  • Extract the image
  • Keep down Power+VolDown to enter recovery mode
  • Attach tablet to your PC via USB
  • Make sure you have adb-tools -package installed in Linux
  • Become a superuser; sudo su and cd to Android 4.4 directory
  • type in the following command, ./
That's it!

I hope from now on my "old" Nexus 7 Wifi (2012) is quicker and more responsive. Android 5.x was a bit too much.

Android 5 was too heavy

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