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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter - share your screen wirelessly in Windows 10

*Finally* there is a wireless connection based on Miracast technology between my Windows 10 laptop and Samsung HD TV. The screen of my laptop can be shared and seen on TV - without any wires.

If your hardware meets these requirements you can try it as well:

  • A laptop with certain drivers compatible with Miracast technology (circuits and drivers must be Intel-based? All drivers were pre-installed in my case)
  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (I purchased one from local flea market)
  • An HD TV

So what did I do to make the above combination work? Nothing much.

  • First Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter was attached in TV (seems to work out of the box, see pictures below)
  • Next the right HDMI source was chosen from remote control
  • Finally the laptop was connected with TV by clicking Notification Center in Windows 10 (lower right corner, see picture below), Connect and WiFivideo

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Display
Adapter attached

WiFivideo (texts in Finnish only)

Click Notification center in lower right corner, next Connect

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is named as WiFivideo

You may also expand your display if you like

Wireless connection of screens
between Windows 10 and Samsung HDTV

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