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How to install Ino - a command line Linux toolkit for working with Arduino hardware

Ino - an old PC with one USB 1.1 port is enough for your Arduino!
Ino is a command line toolkit for working with Arduino hardware. You can install it on Linux and use CLI (Command Line Interface) to compile and transmit code over to your Arduino hardware. Text editor is up to you. There are many editors to choose from; vi, vim, pico, nano etc.

First off, install python pip package manager. I'm using Ubuntu Linux 14.0.4 LTS:
  • sudo apt-get install python-pip
After that, go on with Ino install:
  • sudo pip install ino
I suggest you install the command tree which is needed later (if you decide to read quickstart):
  • sudo apt-get install tree
Finally, check out if Ino is there:
  • which ino
How to go on? Click the following link: 

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