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Place Linux inside Dropbox and run it from there

You can easily run CLI (Command Line) driven (i.e. no graphical Interface) Linux which is placed in Dropbox. No matter whether you are using Windows, OS X or Linux. So, let's get started.

  • First off, get yourself Dropbox account. After that install Dropbox on your Desktop. You can find install packages on Dropbox site.
  • Download a small Linux distribution called Levinux. Zip-package is about 20 MB in size.
  • Extract Levinux and place it in Dropbox.
  • Now, depending on which operating system you are using you can start your Levinux. How?
    • If using Linux like me, open terminal, change to the directory where Levinux is and type in the following command: ./LinuxLevinux.sh. After that Levinux fires up.
    • In case you have Windows all you nned to do is double-click a file WindowsLevinux.vbs. (I haven't tested that though!)
    • OS X? I suggest you look at the video on YouTube. Running Levinux on OS X should be pretty straight forward. I have no access to that operating system at the moment.
Let Levinux boot. Choose number two (look at the screen capture below).
  • Login: tc
  • Password: foo
From now on you can start to study Linux commands. There are plenty of them. Find your favourite Linux guide on the Internet. It's never too late to migrate to Linux!

But wait! There is more! Levinux is also a small web server. You can place your HTML-pages inside a folder called htdocs and use your favourite web browser to preview them. How? SSH Levinux and transfer desired files to folder htdocs. Yes, i can understand that. But how do I do it? I'll tell you later. Stay tuned for more!

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