sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2016

It's time to shout it out loud - my Nexus 4 phone running Ubuntu Touch is my PC!

Ok, folks. I think, it's time to celebrate. My Nexus 4 is finally running Ubuntu Touch on a full HD screen via Slimport adapter. In addition apps are windowed like in an operating system running on a PC. It's time to shout it out loud: My Nexus 4 is my PC!

Ok, there are still many features missing; I have no bluetooth mouse, there are no apps (easily) available just yet, special characters of my bluetooth keyboard (i.e. åäö) are not showing. However, those downsides are not taking me down today!

How did all that install go? You can read part of how things went in my earlier blogpost:

At the moment I'm too exhausted (and happy on the other hand) to write all that happened today but promise to come back! Stay tuned!

Apps are windowed when using bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse

It's a genuine Ubuntu! I guess it's Ubuntu Touch, though

So lucky I found an inexpensive Slimport adapter!

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