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Your next Android phone could be your first Linux Desktop

Linux Desktop is not that popular among PC users. Windows and OS X from Apple rule. Linux share of all Desktops is ~ 1 % only.

There is evidence things can change. Lets pick up four cases:
  1. MaruOS is an Android derivative which runs Android in phone and Debian Linux Desktop via slimport on any HDMI screen. You can answer calls while editing your documents with LibreOffice Writer. MaruOS is in testing phase at the moment.
  2. Ubuntu Convergence turns your phone into a PC. For the time being when using phone as a Desktop you can't make calls. I'd like to run Convergence in my Nexus 4. Read how far I got last week when testing Ubuntu Convergence.
  3. Intel has developed a prototype which can act as phone and a Debian Linux Desktop at the same time. Read more:
  4. Windows Continuum. You can pick up the latest phone from Microsoft and turn Windows phone into a Windows 10 Desktop right away! Older phones like Lumias don't have support for Continuum. You need the latest hardware and software from Microsoft.
This goes to show the future of PC will IMHO look different. PC will still live but will also take a different shape and approach. As a consumer you need to know how to flash your phone. i.e. install a modified version of Android. A lot to learn!

If you look at the numbered list above you can see Linux is mentioned three times out of four. Android and Ubuntu are based on Linux. And what's best Debian Linux is also there! So your next Android phone could be your first Linux Desktop.

Ubuntu Convergence

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