perjantai 22. huhtikuuta 2016

Testing ChromiumOS 0.5 for RaspberryPi 2

A new version of ChromiumOS for RaspberryPi 2 is available. The number of this version is 0.5. Download link is here: . RaspberryPi 3 version is coming later.

I decided to give new version a go. In my opinion ChromiumOS 0.5 for RaspberryPi 2 is very fast and stable. Of course one has to remember RaspberryPi only has 1 GB of RAM. When running two browser windows ~ 0.65 GB of RAM is in use. However ChromiumOS's only app is Chromium browser! Once it's up and running all memory is given to browser!

There are things to bear in mind:
  • Are you using a FullHD (1920*1080) monitor with an HDMI-port? Try another monitor in case no picture show up.
  • Did you write the image on microSD card properly? Learn how to use dd command in Linux. Not sure which app to use in Windows or Mac.
  • And last but not least! Happened to me! Remove all apps from your Chrome/Chromium browser. I had tons of apps installed aside Chrome. Also get rid of extensions you don't need.
    • Apps remove: find magnifier (lower left corner) and click it, right click on top of an app and remove
    • Extensions remove: button with three stripes (upper right corner), extensions, garbage bin
I must admit I've tested ChromiumOS for RaspberryPi 2 only two hours now. So far so good! It does what it promises: quick boot, stable browser only OS, ready to shoot at any moment - something we expect when using a Chromebook - now happening on RaspberryPi 2!

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