lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2016

The latest Raspbian got new features

Raspbian is IMHO the best distribution for Raspberry Pi. The latest version is packaged with some new features. Let's take a look what Raspbian has to offer.

There is a button for Bluetooth in the upper right corner. When clicking it you can pair for example keyboard and mouse. No additional USB Bluetooth dongle is needed if using Raspberry Pi 3.

You can copy microSD cards with an external SD card reader. There is now a handy tool called SD Card Copier available in Raspbian. Look at the picture below.

When programming a proper editor is a must. Geany is there waiting for you and your code. Take a look at the manual if in need.

Bluetooth has an icon of it's own

MicroSD cards can be cloned with
an external card reader

Geany is an editor for programmers

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