lauantai 24. kesäkuuta 2017

It's official! Run Raspbian from hard disk on your PC!

For a while it's been possible to run Raspbian from USB stick on PC. From now on you can install Raspbian on the hard disk of your PC!

If you want to give Raspbian on PC a go please make sure to back up your hard drive before installing. All your information will be earsed during the setup.

Download the ISO image here: 

Or if you prefer torrent, use the following link:

Burn the image on a USB stick and boot your PC from it. Choose Install from Boot Menu (look at the picture below). Run the setup familiar from Debian. When finished you have Raspbian up and running on your PC.

Edit 1: I did let Raspbian populate the hard disk entirely. I guess multi-booting is possible but I haven't tested it yet.

Edit 2: Not all devices work. For example wifi circuit might not be supported by Raspbian ( i.e. Debian).

Choose Install (text-based setup)

An old x86 mini laptop and Raspberry Pi
running Raspbian and Pixel Desktop

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