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20 years ago Netscape-browser opened my eyes

In the beginning of the 90's PC really was personal - just me and my computer. There was no connection to anywhere. No networks. However I didn't miss them (because I didn't know what they were offering).

It all changed in 1994 when I received my first email address. How nice! I was really excited! But there was no-one I could send email. Not that many people had PC at that time. I think the service was called Freenet (some memories here in Finnish) which was used via Telnet (?)...

Email was nice but the mind-blowing thing was... the web! Suddenly the whole world was in front of you. Well, back then there were less information (and rubbish) on the net. I remember when I had a chance to enter two Internet-connected PC's at the same time; one 386 and one 486. Web pages loaded so slowly I could read the whole page in front of one PC. Next, I turned to the other PC continued reading. I just had to make sure one of the PC's was loading a new page all the time.

I missed Mosaic-browser. Netscape was the king of the hill at that time - before the browser-war started against Microsoft IE. There were ~ 10 HTML-tags and with those you could write your own web page. For example background colour was not there until Netscape 1.0... if I recall.

After 20 years not that much has changed if you look at the Netscape layout below. If you'd like to give those old browsers a go (at your own risk!) you can find them here:


Screenshot license and owner: CC By 2.0 Nicolas Nova

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