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LibreOffice Viewer for Android - learn how to edit your files

In addition to viewing it's also possible to edit files with LibreOffice Viewer for Android. Here's how you do it:
  1. Download LibreOffice Viewer for Android. It's available at Google Play store.
  2. When you open LibreOffice Viewer you notice there is no Graphical User Interface. All you can see are folders. See pictures below.
  3. Open your computer and LibreOffice Writer. Create a text file with extension .odt. Move .odt to your tablet or smart phone.
  4. Find the folder which has .odt inside. LibreOffice Viewer shows you the contents of the .odt file.
  5. If you want to edit your .odt file tap upper right corner with three dots. Choose Settings. See picture below.
  6. Choose Experimental Mode. After that you have a simple menu with basic functions like Bold, Italic, Underline. See picture below.
No GUI, only folders

Upper right corner let's you
access Settings

Experimental Mode at your own risk

Simple menu with basic functions 

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