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How to generate an animated GIF of your own and post it to Facebook

Facebook accepts all sort pics and videos. Animated GIFs are a bit tricky. Follow these steps and publish moving GIFs of your own.
  1. Download LICEcap (for Windows, Mac OS X versio is here).
  2. Find your favourite video and fast forward to a scene you want to record as an animated GIF. Pause your video.
  3. Place LICEcap-app window on top of your video player (see picture below). Make sure LICEcap-window is smaller than the window of your video player.
  4. Click Record in LICEcap and save your GIF.
  5. Be quick and click Play (in your video player) and Stop (in LICEcap) when you are done. Keep in mind animated GIFs made out of video are huge in size. Try to keep your GIF as small as possible.
  6. You can preview your newly generated GIF in your web browser if you want.
  7. Copy your animated GIF to Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Make your GIF publicly available and find the public address of your GIF.
  8. Copy the public address to Facebook. Make sure your address ends in .gif. For example:

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