keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2016

My Raspberry Pi Zero arrived - finally!

At last! Raspberry Pi Zero has arrived. I received mine today. Only an hour or two from unboxing Zero was running the latest Raspbian. Here's my checklist for the first time boot:
  • Download, unzip and burn the latest Raspbian on an 8 GB micro SD card
    • In Windows use for example Win32DiskImager as admin
    • In Linux use dd as root
  • Find the following hardware:
    • Mini HDMI - HDMI cable 
    • Micro USB charger
    • OTG cable (micro USB - female USB)
    • A hub with at least two free ports
    • Keyboard and mouse
  • Combine hardware and fire up Raspi Zero!
  • Run raspi-config as root and fine tune Raspbian
    • Define for example your screen memory
    • Change keyboard layout if necessary
  • Wait a minute! No access to Internet? Hold your horses! There is a workaround in the back of my mind. I will write about it later.
Getting Raspberry Pi Zero up and running is easy if you are familiar with earlier versions of Raspi computers. Please pay attention to the fact that Zero is not as powerful as Raspberry Pi 2.

I'll be back with more information later! Stay tuned for more!

Raspi Zero is the tiniest computer I've ever had

3D-printed chassis for Raspi Zero

Raspi Zero running - green LED on the left is on

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