lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2016

Read your Gmail messages in CLI Debian Linux with Elinks web browser

If you are one of those command line interface Debian Linux lovers and would like to read your Gmail messages why not give Elinks text-only browser a go!

Setup Elinks in Debian Linux as root:

  • apt-get install elinks

Go on as a normal user. Fire up Elinks:

  • elinks

Type the following URL:


Navigating in Elinks is, eh, different. First off, I advise you to calm down ;D. Next, move forward with arrow down key. Once you get to the fields where login and password are asked push enter and type the information needed (and another enter). Not very easy? Don't worry. Next time you want to read your email you'll notice that you are already in. So try to find Log out as well! It's in the end of the page.

One more valuable key! if you want to take a deeper look at Elinks browser try Esc. It reveals menus which you can browse with enter and arrow keys.

And hey! Running Elinks via ssh might not be very good idea. Navigating Elinks is not the same. At least that's how it turned out in my case.

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