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nmcli - connect to wifi from command line

Ever wondered how to connect a Debian Linux with command-line-interface-only to your wireless network? A tool called nmcli does the job. This is what you need to do:

Install network-manager. nmcli tool follows with the package. You need to type the following command as root:

  • apt-get install network-manager

Go on as root. Check that nmcli is there:

  • which nmcli

Setup your wireless connection:

  • nmcli d wifi connect <your wifi SSID> password <your wifi password> iface wlan0

Check out your wireless. You can see the <ID> of your connection in the left side of the screen under "NAME":

  • nmcli c

Disconnect your wireless network:

  • nmcli c down id <ID>

Connect to your wireless network:

  • nmcli c up id <ID>

The commands above help your Debian Linux to to get in touch with your wireless network. Keep in mind you have to turn your connection on by hand every time you boot your Debian.

ssh connection to my old PC (from year 1998)
with the latest Debian 8 (Jessie) installed

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