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ApplePi Baker writes Minibian on SD card

ApplePi Baker is a free app which is able to write .img images on SD cards or USB sticks. If you happen to own a Mac, give it a try. I needed a light operating system (= Minibian) for Raspberry Pi. Let me explain a bit. Read on...

First there was Debian Linux (for PC). Then came Raspbian (derived from Debian) which is fitted especially for Raspberry Pi. Minibian is a minimal version of Raspbian with only bare bones left. These are the features of Minibian according to the home page:
  • Kernel 3.12.28+ #709 ARM HF (Hard Float)
  • 21 secs boot
  • 16 MB RAM used
  • 314 MB disk space used
  • Fit on 512MB SD Card
  • Optimized ext4 file system with swap disabled
  • Support for both B and B+ version
  • Targeted for embedded or server applications (NAS, Web server)
  • 100% full compatible with official release
  • DHCP client enabled
  • SSHD enabled
  • root user enabled (default password: raspberry – please change it a.s.a.p.)
Does ApplePi Baker work? Of course! Like a dream! First off download an image (in my case Minibian). Then find an SD reader device (I have an external made by Kinston). Place an SD card in the SD reader. My tiny 512 MB SD card is /dev/disk1 (see picture below). Click your SD card. Do not touch the Hard Drive (/dev/disk0)!!! On the right there is a text saying: "IMG file" and three dots. Click those dots and choose your image (in my case 2014-11-24-wheezy-minibian.img). Finally click "Restore Backup" and wait.
Hey! I had a couple of problems.  My SD card was not recognized by OS X. I had to create one big FAT partition on SD card by using OS X Disk Tool. That way SD card came visible. In addition Minibian was tar.gz-packaged. No problem! OS X is a UNIX so all you need to do is double click tar-gzipped file and extract image to your Desktop.

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