torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

Facelifting an old Asus MemoPad 172v

Asus Memopad 172v has Android 4.1 inside. Unveiled only two years ago in January 2013 this budget tablet feels nowadays like a device from ancient times. It's slow and is not responding quick enough.

I decided to give my Asus a facelift. There were two things I did:
  • Factory reset. It's not helping much though. However Asus is now the very same device which I started to use year and a half ago.
  • Google Now installed. Every device with Android 4.1 or later are allowed to download Google Now app from Google Play store. The Start screen now has the "Google looks" with 2D icons.
  • Tweaked which apps run on start. Wiped out some of them to save some RAM-memory.
This time a custom rom was not an option. I know how to flash a Nexus device. After reading how to make the same happen with Asus I gave up. Too complicated and I might brick my Asus.

Is it any better now? A bit. Browsing the web is more comfortable than before because pages load much faster. I recommend the above steps to anyone with a slow Android-tablet.

Asus MemoPad 172v with Android 4.1
and Google Now installed

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