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How to flash Beaglebone Black eMMC memory

Happened before:

Flashing eMMC memory:

My Beaglebone Black finally got a new operating  system inside (2 GB eMMC memory). Follow these steps:
  • Point your web browser over here:
  • Use 7-zip (in Windows) or similar to extract the image
  • Burn the image using Win32DiskImager (in Windows) on an microSD card (mine is 4 GB)
  • Hold down user/boot button and power up your Beaglebone Black
  • Release user/boot button when all four blue LEDs side by side are on
  • Wait and pray
  • When Beaglebone Black shuts down release microSD card and boot your Beaglebone Black
  • Flashing might not succeed every time!
    • If that happens start again (you don't need to write the image on SD again)
  • Ssh your Debian
    • Try to find the IP address of your Beaglebone Black by looking at your wifi/lan router dhcp log
    • Type the following command: ssh -l root your-bbb-ip-here
    • Root password might have been left blank
Beaglebone Black has a bootloader called u-boot. Next I need to understand how u-boot works. It's Wednesday now. I purchased my Beaglebone Black last Friday, only 5 days ago.

Running an X-app called Hardinfo
over SSH on OS X

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