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Using Casio EV-660C as monitor for Raspberry Pi via composite video

There are situations when a tiny monitor is needed rather than those over 15" screens sitting in your table. Connecting Raspberry Pi and an old Casio EV-660C TV is easy when you know what to do:
  • First off download the latest Raspbian and write it to an SD card. In Windows do it with Win32DiskImager
  • Edit (in Windows) file with name config.txt which you can find on your SD card. Editpadlite (editor for Windows) knows how to handle UNIX line breaks and encodings. It's not a bad idea to make a copy of the file config.txt before editing.
  • Look for the following lines:
    • # uncomment for composite PAL
    • # sdtv_mode=2
    • Uncomment the line which is saying "sdtv_mode=2". In other words remove that hashtag in the beginning of the line, then save config.txt.
  • Insert your SD card back to Raspberry Pi. Hope for the best.
The above was all I needed to do. Don't get yourself into trouble. Change one line at a time. Then take a look if that pays off. In addition you can always go back if you did a backup copy of config.txt.

The latest Raspbian Desktop!

Composite Video cable (with red plug connected)

Raspberry Pi is so versatile!

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