tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

Will Windows 7 ever get Microsoft's next browser codenamed Spartan?

Windows 7 will soon (January 2015) enter the extended support mode. It means no more new features are released for Windows 7. This will continue until 2020 and during that period only security updates are served for all Windows 7 users.

The latest rumors tell Microsoft is going to reveal a new light web browser codenamed "Spartan" (ie IE12?). The question is whether Windows 7 will ever see this new and light browser from Microsoft. At home it's not a problem. There are so many alternatives available; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. But in corporate world the situation is different. Companies are not migrating to newer Windows versions any time soon but rather stick tightly to Windows 7.

There are moments when I work at home. What if my "old" IE11 on Windows 7 is not capable of doing what it should? What if I can't access corporate servers remotely? IMHO there are so many Windows 7 users out there it's not possible to cut their wires off just like that. Microsoft must have thought this thoroughly?

Over 50 % of all Windows users have Windows 7

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