tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

Blockchain Bitcoin wallet - always with your mobile phone

Bitcoin crypto currency has been around for many years. It's pretty easy to send and receive Bitcoins via web browser. In addition mobile phones are able to handle crypto currencies if suitable wallet app is installed.

A year ago I visited a kiosk in Helsinki where it's possible to exchange Euros to Bitcoins. Back then I had Nokia 920 mobile phone. Friendly kiosk staff advised me to install an app called Blockchain. In no time I had wallet of my own for my Bitcoins. (In fact Lumia 920 had no Blockchain app at that time. I used Blockchain via mobile web browser...).

I decided to activate my Bitcoin account again. There is a Blockchain app available at Google Play store. Now I'm able to send and receive Bitcoins "on-the-go". Next I need to find stores where Bitcoins are accepted in Helsinki Finland. I guess they are not that many just yet.

Blockchain Bitcoin wallet on Nexus 4

Below is my Bitcoin wallet address in two different shapes (QR and characters). If someone for some reason wants to send me money QR-code is first scanned (with a wallet app on mobile phone), the amount of money is typed in and after that money is sent. It's that easy!


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