perjantai 12. joulukuuta 2014

ChromeDuino compiles code and passes it to Arduino Uno on Chromebook

Edit (year 2017): ChromeDuino might not work anymore (I haven't tested). Use it at your own risk.

With ChromeDuino (see picture below) it is possible to compile code and pass it to Arduino Uno. My old Samsung Chromebook agreed to co-operate with Arduino Uno. Not every Chromebook find the right USB-port what I've read. However mine worked fine.

First off I wrote a simple code and then clicked button called "Program" which compiled the code in a cloud service (God knows where!) and pushed it to my Arduino Uno. What's best there is even a Term-mode. I happen to own an SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor. I will be able to monitor my next test circuit via Term-window!

Windows and OS X might be the number one platforms for Arduino software. However it's not impossible to do the same tricks with Chromebook (at least to some point).

ChromeDuino on my Chromebook

See the above video which shows my Chromebook and Arduino Uno!

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