lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2014

Office for Android - only for those with Android 4.4.x and 7-10.1" tablet

In case you want to give Microsoft Office on Android a try, please read on before you start. Not all devices are supported. These are the conditions:
  • Android 4.4.x
  • Size of the tablet has to be 7-10.1"
  • Dalvik runtime is supported, ART is not
  • Android phones are not supported at this time (maybe later?)
But that's not all. Office for Android -app is invite only. Please read through this documentation from Microsoft and follow the instructions how to participate.

I'm  still standing in queue and that's why there are no screenshots available in my blog just yet. My Nexus 7 is now downgraded from Android 5 Lollipop to Android 4.4.4 KitKat. So everything is ready for Microsoft Office for Android. Let's hope Microsoft sends me the invitation soon!

Edit: Ok, Microsoft invitation received. After that I had to join Google+ -group which is especially made for Microsoft Office. Then I was able to become a beta tester. Finally, Word, Excel and PowerPoint were available for download at Google Play Store. What a drag!

Edit: go on reading! See my screenshots after the installation of Office Preview for Android!

Android 4.4.x connected with media repeater

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