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ARC Welder lets you run Android apps on Desktop

Android apps on iMac?

Would you like to run your favourite Android apps on your PC or Mac? Try ARC Welder extension for Chrome browser. There is now Instagram on my iMac Desktop. I can upload a bunch of pictures in no time!

Installation of the required software

You can find Chrome browser easily by using any search machine. So first off, install Chrome. Next move to Chrome Web Store and install ARC Welder - a tool (it's actually an extension for Chrome) that helps you run Android apps on your Desktop. The third step is a bit challenging. Try to find the .apk-package of your favourite Android app. In my case I wanted to install Instagram. Off I went and searched for instagram.blah.blah.apk. There were many pages that took me to the wrong direction! Finally .apk was waiting for setup on my Desktop.

Installation of the .apk-package

Next you want to install your app (= .apk-package). Point "+ Add your APK" (see picture below). Now it's time to cross fingers. Not all Android apps work :(.

Find extensions inside Chrome browser

Instagram might open automatically when using for the first time. Use the following web address when you want to run your favourite Android app next time; chrome://extensions/ . Take a look at extensions and try to find your app and a link "Start" that let's you run your app. In addition ARC Welder is there among other extensions.

That's it?

Yup. Hope this helps someone out there.

Install of  a .apk-package

Instagram running on my iMac Desktop

You can find your app in Chrome Launcher
as well as in extensions

Instagram runs just fine on my Samsung Chromebook as well!

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