keskiviikko 1. huhtikuuta 2015

Chromebit - a stick with Chrome OS for 100 $

Chromebit is a stick with Google's Chrome OS inside and with two ports; HDMI and USB. The good news is: any HDMI-equipped monitor (for example TVs) will become a computer. In addition Chrome OS gets automatic updates.

I've had an old Samsung Chromebook for many years (see the picture below). During that time there has been absolutely no problem with the hard- or software. Chromebook just works. I'm expecting the same bahaviour with Chromebit.

I'm definitely going to get one of those sticks! If they sell it for 100 $ as they promise, it's a bargain! Of course you need to power up the stick, get an external USB hub if you want to use wires etc. However, Chromebit makes many Desktop computers useless. If you can make it browser only, there's no coming back!

I will keep my Chromebook and get Chromebit beside

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