lauantai 25. huhtikuuta 2015

Debian Linux "Jessie" - a modern OS for an older PC

There is an old HP laptop lying under my table, I think. The specs of that PC go like this:

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 30 GB HardDisk
  • ~ 15" screen with 1024*768 resolution
  • Some sort of soundcard
  • No wifi (if I remember right...)
  • Internal CDROM-station
  • No USB boot option in BIOS
  • Floppy drive (!)

Which operating system is able to run on hardware like that? The right answer is Debian Linux which is, at the moment, getting a bigger update called "Jessie".

Think about it! A PC from year 2003 is able to run a modern OS! Of course no online video watching is possible. So there are some limitations. However light web surfing is there. I can read news, send email and update my blog! That, I think, is amazing!

How does Debian do the trick? Well, only the most necessary processes are started when PC boots. In addition graphical user interface is as light as possible (for example LXDE). I really like this kind of approach.

Too many old PC's are simply forgotten nowadays. With Debian Linux "Jessie" inside these rusty computers will live another five years!

One more thing. Since there is no way to boot from USB stick, BIOS doesn't support it, I have to burn Jessie on CD...



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