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Orbot and Orweb for Android make you anonymous on the Internet

My tablet Nexus 7 wifi (2012) has seen many operating systems - not just Android but Sailfish OS from Jolla and Cyanogen Mod as well. Click those links and read my earlier blogposts.

Every time I browse the web with my Desktop Computer companies like Google, Facebook etc know what I'm doing. They are following me. So how to prevent that? In addition, how to make that happen when running Cyanogen Mod which is a free version of Android? Follow these steps:
  • Install F-droid
    • It's an app store with free software
    • Google Play is nice but many apps are proprietary so that the source code is not available
  • Root your Cyanogen Mod
    • Tap seven times the build number (Settings, About phone/tablet)
    • Developer options are now available (Go back one step in Settings)
    • In Developer options tap Root rights, Apps and ADB
  • Find Orbot and Orweb in F-droid store and install them
  • Start Orbot and grant it the root access
    • Wait until Orbot tells you are anonymous
  • Start Orweb (tap the globe in the top right corner in Orbot)
    • Hope for the best! Orweb informs you if you are browsing the web anonymously
    • Go through Settings again in Orbot if Orweb is not in anonymous mode
From now on my Nexus 7 wifi (2012) can join the Internet via a hidden proxy. I can't make any searches with Google or DuckDuckGo. Those search engines don't let me in. I can't read my Gmail with Orweb browser. Google immediately sends me an email and warns me saying something strange is going on and someone is trying to access my account. However from now on advertisers don't know who I am even though they are following me. My IP-address leads to an anonymous proxy server advertisers hate.

Am I using "the dark side of the Internet"? Maybe. My Nexus 7 wifi (2012) is now running free software (Cyanogen Mod 12 + apps from F-droid) and I can surf the net anonymously. I've reached my goal.

Orbot running...

It's not the original Tor browser.
However Orweb browser is ok.

There is no advertisement, when
browsing via Tor. See that circle.
that's where the ad usually resides.

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