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How to view 3D files with Chromebook

Here I am in a public library and soon starting the printing of a case for my Odroid C1 computer. This place is situated in Helsinki Finland and is called "Kaupunkiverstas" (= city workshop) which you can find on Facebook.

Thingiverse is a service which offers ready-drawn shapes and figures. The best thing is they are all CC-licensed. This is what I was looking for:

Before the actual printing I wanted to view the case on Chromebook. Two extensions were needed and are found in Chrome Web Store:

  1. 3DView
  2. Click to open 3D

Next, stl-files were downloaded from Thingiverse. Once .stl-file was saved it opened automatically.

Tip: if .stl-file doesn't open automatically, right-click it on the web page and choose "Click to open 3D" and "Open in 3DView".

Install 3DView extension

Install Click to open 3D extension

Download .stl-file

.stl-file opened

This is the case in this case ;P!

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