tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

100 Mbit/s at home - ten times faster than yesterday

There are situations when my daughter and wife among myself try to see and hear what different channels and medias have to say on the Internet at the same time. That's why 100 Mbit/s is arriving tomorrow.

We started ~12 years ago and purchased an Internet connection which was always on. The speed at that time was only 100 Kbit/s (0,1 Mbit/s). It took ages to download 700 MB ISO-image (Linux). Usually that happened at night when other family members were sleeping and I got the whole connection for myself ;D.

Since then speed limits have varied. After 0,1 Mbit/s came 1 Mbit/s. That was fast! Next in line there was 10 Mbit/s which I'm using at the moment. If I lived alone, 10 Mbit/s would do. For a whole family it's not enough. 100 Mbit/s sounds like heaven but I guess we get used to it very soon ;P.

You want to know how expensive this 100 Mbit/s connection is? Well, I live in Helsinki Finland Europe. My operator is DNA-Welho. I pay 19,90 €/month for the first six months and after that 34,90 €/month. On top of that I get 4G SIM card with no data limit (no MMS's neither talk) which I can use if for some reason Internet connection is not working at home. 4G card works everywhere in Finland. Even in Lapland.

What next? There is even faster connection available; 350 Mbit/s. It's only ten euros more expensive than 100 Mbit/s connection. I think I'll wait until 1 Gbit/s is there and the price has come down. Then it's time to upgrade again. It'll probably take another 10 years? That remains to see.

New cable modem ready for unboxing...

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