tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

HDMI to VGA -adapter from HP works with Raspberry Pi

Hewlett-Packard HDMI to VGA -adapter seems to work with Raspberry Pi. It's a bit pricy accessory but I needed one; at local store (Verkkokauppa.com) in Finland 29,90 €. They let me get my money back if adapter doesn't work with Raspberry Pi. I have 14 days to decide whether keep it or not.

My test environment:
- rusty old Samsung TV with VGA port (max. 1440*900)
- Raspberry Pi B 256 MB
- Latest Raspbian
- passive USB-hub
- keyboard and mouse

I had to pick up the right source first. Samsung does not do it for me automatically. After that picture was to the right. There was a 5 cm black stripe on the left. I had to fix that manually. There was an automated fixing though. It helped a lot.

Can I trust HP's HDMI to VGA -adapter? What if I want to show Raspberry Pi to a bigger audience and there is no way to adjust the screen? Well, I'd rather not see myself in a situation like that. For hobby purposes at home HP's adapter suits my needs.

A bit pricy but it does what it promises

Keep in mind that there is no sound if adapter is used

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