lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2015

One down - Android now running on my Odroid C1

Ubuntu on Odroid C1? Not just yet! Meanwhile I've got another story to tell. Instead of Ubuntu Android showed up and stole all my attention.

I was worried if my Odroid C1 was broken. Many other people have had problems with power supply. In addition I was not sure if microSD card was ok and properly written. So many questions so little time!

Thank heavens I already knew how to set up Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. Of those devices Raspi is the easier one while the latter turn out a challenge (at least for me :D). I've read so many horror stories telling how things can go wrong with Odroid C1.

Android 4.4.2 is available here: . It's an unofficial site but it's fast. The package "Selfinstall" means you can download and write the image on a microSD card. I decided to give "selfinstall" a go. Linux-tools like unxz and dd are those which Hardkernel, the manufacturer of Odroid C1, recommends. First off, extract the image and after that write it on a microSC card. You can find many examples on the Internet concerning the commands unxz and dd.

Place microSD card on bottom of Odroid C1. If you don't know how take a look at the videos you can find in YouTube. For example this one:

My monitor's highest resolution is 1440*900. I wonder if that has to do with Ubuntu which was not willing to show up? Is Ubuntu trying full HD as default and nothing else? I don't know just yet. Well, Android started to load. There was a red LED on and a blue one blinking. After a while Android was there on screen. Android... didn't look that good. But I guess it never does on bigger screens. I'm happy I got Odroid C1 up and running. Now I know it's not broken.

What next? I'd like to purchase a 4 GB eMMC-memory module which is faster than microSD cards but slower than SSDs. Ubuntu Linux is also on the list all the time. Odroid C1 is faster SBC (= Single Board Computer) than Raspberry Pi. I'd like to enjoy the speed of Odroid C1! In addition a full HD monitor is needed so I have to try to find one!

Odroid C1 was connected to router via RJ45

 Video cable: The upper port is microHDMI (type D)
and the lower HDMI 

Make sure the power supply works!

In the end of the day - Android!

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