sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

Odroid C1 on the way

Is Odroid C1 yet another SBC (= Single Board Computer)? Well, next week my copy of that Raspberry Pi challenger will arrive. Until then there is only speculation in the air ;D.

One very important piece of hardware is missing though. Odroid has the ability to run operating systen from eMMC-memory. My Odroid C1 will NOT have that memory with the package. I have to try to find eMMC separately. However, microSD-card slot is there so Ubuntu or some other Linux will soon be up and running.

It will be interesting to compare Odroid C1 and Raspberry Pi. The latter is more famous. Odroid C1 also has it's fans around the world. I'm sure both devices have much to offer since we are living the times of IoT at the moment.

IoT Helsinki meeting earlier this year - Odroid was there, too

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