lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

SailfishOS on Nexus 7 wifi (2012) grouper - my tablet is like a painting!

Jolla tablet is not available just yet (March 2015). However Nexus 7 wifi (2012) grouper is able to run SailfishOS. See picture below.

The install process has many phases and details:
I'm very happy that the install succeeded. SailfishOS has it's roots in MeeGo (= OS developed by Nokia). Somehow I feel I'm not tied up with the giants like Google or Apple anymore. Ever since Nokia sold their mobile phone business to Microsoft there really has not been any European alternative available. Well, now there is!

The version of SailfishOS I'm using is very old. It can't be updated. So it's for evaluation purpose only. However later this year Jolla will start to deliver their own tablet with SailfishOS 2.0 inside. 

Please remember the following: In case you want to run SailfishOS on Nexus 7 you do flashing at your own risk! You might brick your tablet forever!

My Nexus 7 is so cute!

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